sessions are about 30 mins + extra time for questions

About the Hosts

Do you want to see where technology in 2020 and the latest trends in consumer engagement meet? 

If so, join us on January 28th at 10:30 PST and understand how Insellerate’s platform helps lenders engage with more than 50,000 new borrowers per month.

You will learn how our all-new stand-alone engagement platform automates communications through: 

Social media, Text messages, Email, Phone calls, Ringless voicemail, and Direct mail

Scott Roberts

Since Insellerate’s inception, Scott has leveraged 18-years of experience in the mortgage industry to serve and help lenders engage borrowers with intention and intelligence.

Josh Friend 

CEO and founder of Insellerate has a 20-year history in the mortgage industry building and growing mortgage companies, which has led him to the founding of Insellerate, a platform built to help lenders close more loans.